Table 1: Model parameters for the ethanol PBPK.

Physiological parameters of the model PBPK for ethanol

 Body weight70
 Cardiac output (L/h/kg)0.7518
 Alveolar ventilation (L/h/kg)0.7518
 Absorbed fraction0.62

Fraction of cardiac output to each compartment

 Rapidly perfused0.39
 Slowly perfused0.19


Fraction of body volume compartments

 Rapidly perfused0.0443
 Slowly perfused0.607


Physicochemical and metabolic parameters

Partition coefficients
 Blood: air2280
 Fat: air226
 Liver: air1730
 Rapidly perfused: air2030
 Slowly perfused: air1710
 Brain: air1870

Liver metabolic parameter

 Metabolism rate (mg/h/kg)0.75359.5
 Affinity constant (mg/L)82.1