Figure 3: Differential effects of phospholipogenic test articles on accumulation of the fluorescent phospholipid NBD-PE on dog and rat hepatocytes. Cells were treated with known phospholipogenic or nonphospholipogenic compounds in NBD-PE containing media. After 24 h cells were fixed with formaldehyde/hoechst, and NBD-PE accumulation was quantified using the Cellomics Arrayscan instrument. Image exposures were identical in all experiments (0.5 sec); background levels of NBD-PE accumulation were similar between dog and rat hepatocytes (approximately 50 mean average intensity units). Accumulation is expressed as % VC (vehicle control) at listed concentrations. Three replicates for each cell isolate were employed per experiment. Isolations occurred on separate days. The data are represented as an average of individual experiments where (where histograms do not have error bars) or an average of 3 independent isolates ±SEM.