Figure 4: Effects of lysosomal modulator Baf (30 nM) cotreatments on 24 h survival of phospholipogenic-treated rat and dog hepatocytes. Cell survival was measured using the Cellomics Arrayscan (see Section 2). The data are expressed as an average of 3 replicates (±SD) for a single cell isolate. Statistically significant ( , -test) differences between dog phospholipogenic controls and modulator treatments occurred at the four top concentrations for NMTMB, top three concentrations for hydroxychloroquine, and top 2 concentrations for compounds A and B, and are illustrated by “ ”. For rat, statistically significant differences between phospholipogenic control and modulator treatments occurred at the top 3 concentrations for NMTMB and hydroxychloroquine and are illustrated by “ ”.