Journal of Toxicology / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Determination of Mercury Exposure among Dental Health Workers in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand

Table 4

Descriptive characteristics of urinary mercury levels, PPEs used, and personal hygiene, behaviors, and dietary habit.

ParameterNumber of mercury exposed dental health workers Urinary mercury mean
(µg/g creatinine)
SD value

 Dental hygienists708.751.95
 Dental assistants388.661.16
Duration of work (yrs)
PPEs uses
 Safety glasses
Ate snacks/drank water during work
Wash hands before lunch
Wash hands before dinner
Clean cloths
 2-3 days165.300.87
 Week or more849.040.08
Dietary habit
 ≤3 times/month535.231.680.0
 ≥3 times/month719.850.88

Significant at value < 0.05.