Table 3: Summary of chromosomal aberration test results.

ConcentrationS9 mixTreatmentHarvestMean aberrant cells
(per 200 cells)
Number of aberrations
μg/mLTime (h)Time(h)Incl. gapsExcl. gapsIncl. gapsExcl. gaps

Experiment A1

Test Article
Vehicle control3206363
Positive control32060∗∗48∗∗100∗∗63∗∗
Hist. veh. control43200.35–11.990.00–7.30n/an/a

Test Article
Vehicle control+3207473
Positive control+32069∗∗58∗∗130∗∗85∗∗
Hist. veh. control4+3200.00–15.190.53–5.47n/an/a

Experiment B2

Test Article
Vehicle control20206373
Positive control202055∗∗48∗∗112∗∗60∗∗
Hist. veh. control420202.58–10.421.39–4.94n/an/a

Experiment B3

Test Article
Vehicle control20286363
Positive control202867∗∗62∗∗146∗∗84∗∗
Hist. veh. control420282.70–11.303.00–3.00n/an/a

Test Article
Vehicle control+3287474
Positive control+32863∗∗54∗∗140∗∗105∗∗
Hist. veh. control4+3284.73–8.270.00–6.97n/an/a

ositive controls: (–S9): ethyl methanesulfonate (1.0 μL/mL); (+S9): cyclophosphamide (5.0 μg/mL).
2Positive control: (–S9): ethyl methanesulfonate (0.4 μL/mL).
3Positive controls: (–S9) ethyl methanesulfonate (0.4 μL/mL); (+S9): cyclophosphamide (5.0 μg/mL).
4Numbers reported are the 95% confidence interval.
to the concurrent vehicle control and to the historical vehicle control.
n/a, not available; veh., vehicle; Hist., historical; Incl., including; Excl., excluding.