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A Toxicological Evaluation of Methylliberine (Dynamine®)

Table 3

Results of the in vitro mammalian chromosomal aberration test.

Experiment A
GroupsS9-mixTreatment timeSampling timeCytotoxicityMean number of aberrant cells /150 cells% of aberrant cellsMean number of aberrations/150 cellsMean aberrations

Test item
250 µg/mL3 h20 h5742.33374000440
500 µg/mL3 h20 h16742.66774211121
1000 µg/mL3 h20 h27953.00095111430
2000 µg/mL3 h20 h32832.00083301320
Vehicle control3 h20 h0842.66784102320
Positive control3 h20 h50393322.0005738786121312
Test item
250 µg/mL+3 h20 h6853.00096212213
500 µg/mL+3 h20 h171042.667104311421
1000 µg/mL+3 h20 h20953.00095111412
2000 µg/mL+3 h20 h32842.66784111430
Vehicle control+3 h20 h0863.66796113321
Positive control+3 h20 h52443825.33388591087191134
Experiment B
Test item
125 µg/mL20 h20 h6742.33384111321
250 µg/mL20 h20 h20942.66794111421
500 µg/mL20 h20 h56832.00083211310
Vehicle control20 h20 h0632.00063101220
Positive control20 h20 h52413422.6676746877131320
Test item
125 µg/mL20 h28 h6632.00063102220
250 µg/mL20 h28 h22732.66783210321
500 µg/mL20 h28 h56842.66794102430
Vehicle control20 h28 h0742.33374102321
Positive control20 h28 h49464127.0007348777181620
Test item
250 µg/mL+3 h28 h4732.00073011420
500 µg/mL+3 h28 h23842.33384201321
1000 µg/mL+3 h28 h26832.00083201421
2000 µg/mL+3 h28 h33942.333104212410
Vehicle control+3 h28 h0732.00073102420
Positive control+3 h28 h53454227.6678962899201728

Abbreviations: −, without S9-mix; +, with S9=mix; del deletion; gap−, excluding gaps; gap+, including gaps. Vehicle control, DME medium; positive control with S9-mix, cyclophasphamide (5.0 µg/mL); positive control without S9-mix (experiment A), EMS (1.0 µg/mL); positive control without S9-mix (experiment B), EMS (0,4 µg/mL). Cytotoxicity=100-RICC (relative increase in cell counts). ∗∗p < 0.01.

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