Research Article

Pesticides Use Practice by Market Gardeners in Lome (Togo)

Table 5

Means of implementation and protection of pesticides and knowledge of risks by market gardeners.

Parameters (n = number of investigated)CharacteristicsNumber (%)

Applying way (n = 48)Branches, leaf38 (79.2)
Spray35 (72.9)
Spreading15 (31.3)
Sprayer6 (12.5)
Drip1 (2.1)
Use of personal protective equipment (n = 48)Yes10 (20.8)
No38 (79.2)
Due to the nonuse of personal protective equipment (n = 38)Lack of means31 (81.6)
Ignorance of the danger4 (10.5)
Negligence3 (7.9)
Knowledge of the effects on water and the environment (n = 48)No30 (62.5)
Yes3 (6.3)
Do not know15 (31.2)