Journal of Thermodynamics / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Thermodynamic and Acoustic Study on Molecular Interactions in Certain Binary Liquid Systems Involving Ethyl Benzoate

Table 1

Comparison of experimental velocities and densities of pure liquids with the literature values at 303.15 K.

Component (m/s) (kg·m−3)
Expt Lit Expt Lit

Ethyl benzoate1347.001346.50a1.04561.0455a
N,N dimethyl formamide1438.531438.32b0.93920.9393b
N,N dimethyl acetamide1438.001435.55b0.93190.9317b
N,N dimethyl aniline1470.501470.00c0.94820.94815d

Data taken from [18]. bData taken from [19]. cData taken from [20]. dData taken from [21].