Journal of Thermodynamics / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Performance Evaluation of Refrigeration Units in Natural Gas Liquid Extraction Plant

Table 2

Process parameters of other auxilliary units.

ParametersUnit Condenser Economizer Expansion valve 1Expansion valve 2Refrigerant chiller

Suction pressurebar5.
Discharge pressurebar4.
Heat loadJ/kg−17,386.75733.7817,036.04
Mass flow rate of vapor—economizerkg/s0.0034
Mass flow rate of liquid—economizerkg/s0.1305
Mass flow rate of cooling water—condenserkg/s6.72
Joule Thompson coefficient8.5712.86
Mole fraction of liquid remaining in chiller0.0350.00014
Mole fraction of vapor evaporated in chiller0.0250.0250.045
Mass flow rate of liquid—condenser accumulatorkg/s0.1339