Table 2: Areas predicted as suitable for Lutzomyia whitmani by ecological niche model based on NDVI variables for combination of the east, west, and center regions of Amarají, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Regions Ratio AUC*Variables associatedPartial ROC
N° ratio ≤ 1 out of 1000
𝑍 statistics ( 𝑃 )

L. whitmaniEast and Center
predict West
1.06NDVI October0<0.0001
West and Center
predict East
1.12NDVI April0<0.0001
West and East
predict Center
1.10NDVI October00.03
Whole region of AmarajíNDVI March

*Area under the ROC curve, expressed as a ratio of observed AUC to the area under the curve of random expectations.