Journal of Tropical Medicine / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Clinical Profiles of Dengue Infection during an Outbreak in Northern India

Table 1

DF/DHFGradeSigns and symptomsLaboratory

DFWith or without haemorrhagic manifestationsFever with two of the following:
(i) Headache.
(ii) Retro-orbital pain.
(iii) Myalgia.
(iv) Arthtralgia/bone pain.
(v) Rash.
(vi) Haemorrhagic manifestations.
(vii) No evidence of plasma leakage.
Leucopenia (wbc ≤5000 cells/mm3).
(i) Thrombocytopenia (platelet count <150 000 cells/mm3).
(ii) Rising haematocrit (5%–10%).
(iii) No evidence of plasma loss.

DHFIFever and haemorrhagic manifestation (positive tourniquet test) and evidence of plasma leakage.Thrombocytopenia <100 000 cells/mm3; HCT rise ≥20%.

DHFIIAs in Grade I plus spontaneous bleeding.Thrombocytopenia <100 000 cells/mm3; HCT rise ≥20%.

DHFIIIAs in Grade I or II plus circulatory failure (weak pulse, narrow pulse pressure (≤20 mmHg), hypotension, restlessness).Thrombocytopenia <100 000 cells/mm3; HCT rise ≥20%.

DHFIVAs in Grade III plus profound shock with undetectable BP and pulse.Thrombocytopenia < 100 000 cells/mm3; HCT rise ≥20%.