Table 2: Clinical data from studies with the main agents in clinical development in differentiated thyroid cancer.

Author (ref)Pharmaceutical compound 𝑁 Response rate (%)Stabilizations (%)Progression-free survival (months)

Gupta-Abramson et al. [16]Sorafenib30235320
Kloss et al. [17]Sorafenib41155615
Ahmed et al. [18]Sorafenib3420 (DTC)4812
Hoftijzer et al. [19]Sorafenib31243414
Capdevila et al. [20]Sorafenib34 (16 DTC)19 (DTC)50 (DTC)13.5
Leboulleux et al. [21]Vandetanib1458.3 versus 5.548 versus 3711 versus 5.8
Cohen et al. [22]Axitinib60303818
Carr et al. [23]Sunitinib3313 (DTC)68 (DTC)12.8
Cohen et al. [24]Sunitinib311363Not reported
Sherman et al. [25]Lenvatinib5647 (DTC)36 (DTC)Not reported
Sherman et al. [26]Motesanib93246710
Bible et al. [27]Pazopanib37494611.8