Figure 3: (a-h) Intraoperative view of key steps during endoscopic thyroidectomy. (a) Opening of cervical fascia in midline using ultrasonic hook. (b) Lateral dissection and identification of common carotid artery; medial extent is identification of trachea (not shown in image). Thyroid lobe is rotated medially (shown by black arrow). (c) Identification of RLN and (d) inferior PTH gland (both shown by black arrows). (e) Inferior vascular pedicle secured after safeguarding RLN and PTH (Ligaclip can be used to avoid thermal injury). (f) Isthmusectomy. (g) Specimen placed in surgical glove which works as a retrieval bag. (h) Midline approximated using polyamide 2-0 suture continuous stitch.