Journal of Transplantation / 2012 / Article / Fig 4

Clinical Study

Urinary NGAL Ratio Is Not a Sensitive Biomarker for Monitoring Acute Tubular Injury in Kidney Transplant Patients: NGAL and ATI in Renal Transplant Patients

Figure 4

(a) Urinary NGAL/creatinine ratio depending on the frequency of ATI. Shown is the urinary NGAL/creatinine ratio depending on whether patients had 1 time ( ), 2 times ( ), or 3 times ( ) findings of ATI in biopsies taken while being followed in the biopsy program. (b) Urinary NGAL/creatinine ratio in Tx patients with focal versus diffuse ATI. No significant differences were found in the urinary NGAL excretion of patients with focal ( ) versus diffuse ( ) ATI findings after Tx.