Journal of Transplantation / 2012 / Article / Tab 3

Clinical Study

Urinary NGAL Ratio Is Not a Sensitive Biomarker for Monitoring Acute Tubular Injury in Kidney Transplant Patients: NGAL and ATI in Renal Transplant Patients

Table 3

Linear regression analysis of significant correlates to uNGAL excretion.
(a) Samples from 6 weeks.

Model componentRegression coefficientSE valueTolerance

Urinary tract infection0.5190.110<0.0010.980
Isometric vacuolization0.2720.0910.0041.0

(b) Samples from 6 months.

Model componentRegression coefficientSE valueTolerance

Urinary tract infection0.3350.1510.030.967
Female recipient0.4270.097<0.0010.970
Isometric vacuolization−0.2930.0990.0040.994

SE: standard error of the regression coefficient; tolerance indicates collinearity between the variables of mode I (1.0 = no collinearity). Calculated GFR’s are based on the serum creatinine and Cockroft and Gault formula and square roots of GFR values are used for the analysis.