Figure 4: Allograft survival. (a) Graft survival in various treatment groups after transplantation with fully allogeneic hearts. The recipients (R) were male C57BL/6J mice and the donors (D) were male Balb/cJ hearts. Long term graft survival was significantly greater after AAV/HO-1 plus CSA treatment (▲, , ) compared with AAV/HO-1 only (■, ), CSA treatment only (, ), and controls (●, ). (b) In the semiallogeneic model, recipient male B6AF1/J mice were transplanted with donor male DBA/2J hearts. The effect of AAV/HO-1 pre-treatment of the donor and CSA treatment of the recipient was longer-term cardiac allograft survival (▲, , ) compared with graft survival in the AAV/HO-1-treated group (∘, ) or the CSA-treated group without HO-1 (, ). Nontransduced controls are shown as (●, ).