Journal of Transplantation / 2016 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

For and against Organ Donation and Transplantation: Intricate Facilitators and Barriers in Organ Donation Perceived by German Nurses and Doctors

Table 2

Mean values, reliability, and factor analysis of item addressing the perception of ethical issues.

Factors and itemsMean value (score 1–4)SDCorrected item-total correlationAlpha if item is deleted ()Loading factor 1Loading factor 2

Factor 1: ethical barriers to ODT (eigenvalue 2.2; 38% explained variance; alpha = .67)
Handling of the personal convictions of colleagues2.400.83.395.648.781
Respect for the individual problems of patients/relatives2.160.76.426.638.726
Transparency of the system2.010.89.548.591.634.406
Justice in the distribution of organs1.870.83.445.631.533.403

Factor 2: external ethical issues in ODT (eigenvalue 1.0; 17% explained variance; alpha = .47)
Scandals in transplantation medicine1.710.77.335.667.773
Lack of organs1.700.76.326.669.737

Extraction of the main components (eigenvalue > 1); varimax rotation with Kaiser’s normalization.
Rotation is converged in 3 iterations. Both factors explain 55% of variance.
Scores range from 1 (agreement) to 4 (disagreement).
Scale is not suited to be used.