Table 2: Baseline characteristics according to cinacalcet status 1 year after kidney transplantation.

CharacteristicsNo cinacalcet

Age (years)ns
Male4 (67%)9 (82%)ns
Body mass index (kg/m2)0.105
 Caucasian3 (50%)6 (55%)ns
 Black2 (33%)4 (36%)ns
Presumptive cause of ESRD
 Diabetic nephropathy1 (17%)3 (27%)ns
 Hypertensive nephrosclerosis2 (33%)3 (27%)ns
 Polycystic renal disease1 (17%)3 (27%)ns
 Other2 (33%)2 (18%)ns
 Hypertension6 (100%)11 (100%)ns
 Dyslipidemia4 (67%)9 (82%)ns
 Diabetes1 (17%)4 (36%)ns
 Coronary artery disease2 (33%)4 (36%)ns
 Heart failure0 (0%)6 (55%)0.043
 Smoking1 (17%)1 (9%)ns
Dialysis modality
 In-center hemodialysis4 (67%)6 (55%)ns
 Home hemodialysis1 (17%)3 (27%)ns
 Peritoneal dialysis1 (17%)2 (18%)ns
Time spent on dialysis (years)ns
Baseline biochemistry
 PTH (pmol/L)0.102
 Corrected calcium (mmol/L)ns
 Phosphate (mmol/L)0.196

PTH: parathyroid hormone; ns: not significant; values < 0.05 are considered statistically significant; values < 0.2 are indicated because variables were included in logistic regression model; continuous variables are expressed as mean ± standard deviation; categorical variables are expresses as count (%).