Journal of Vaccines / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Vaccination Decision-Making and HPV Knowledge: How Informed and Engaged Are Young Adult HPV Vaccine Recipients in Australia?

Table 2

Number and percentage of correct responses on HPV knowledge items.

Overall sample score ( )School-based ( )Population-based ( )

Overall knowledge score
(Max. score = 13)

Knowledge item % % %

Multiple sexual partners increases one’s risk of HPV (Yes)8289.16790.51583.3
HPV can cause cervical cancer (True)7581.56081.11583.3
HPV is related to abnormal Pap smear results (True)7379.35979.71477.8
Most HPV infections have no visible signs or symptoms (True)6873.95371.61583.3
HPV can cause herpes (False)6873.95675.71266.7
A history of STIs increases one’s risk of HPV (Yes)6671.75473.01266.7
Condoms are effective in protecting against HPV (False)6469.65270.31266.7
HPV is spread through skin to skin contact during sexual activity5155.44256.8950.0
HPV can cause genital warts (True)5054.33952.71161.1
Early age of first sexual intercourse increases one’s risk of HPV (Yes)3841.33040.5844.4
Only women get HPV (False)3538.02736.5844.4
HPV is highly contagious (True)3335.92736.5633.3
HPV is spread through blood or other bodily fluid (False)2325.01824.3527.8