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Laser Chemistry
Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 77-82

Isotope Effect in the Vibrational Predissociation of van der Waals Molecules: Complexes of Glyoxal With H2 and D2

Laboratoire de Photophysique Moléculaire du CNRS Bâtiment 213, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay 91405, France

Received 3 March 1982; Accepted 30 April 1982

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In this work photodissociation studies of glyoxal-H2 (D2) molecules have been conducted in order to analyze the effect of the mass in the vibrational predissociation of van der Waals complexes. The glyoxal-H2 (D2) molecules have been formed in a supersonic expansion and photodissociated by means of a tunable dye laser. The final state of the glyoxal fragments has been determined by the analysis of the fluorescence spectrum. A significant isotope effect on the branching ratios for predissociation has been found. An interpretation in terms of a distorted wave diabatic treatment is presented.