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Laser Chemistry
Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 45-57

Electronic Relaxation and Oxygen Recombination Processes in Photodissociated Oxyhemoglobin After Picosecond Flash Photolysis

Institut Curie and Université de Paris VII, France

Received 11 January 1982; Accepted 18 May 1982

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Oxyhemoglobin photolysis has been investigated with picosecond laser techniques. Transient light absorption changes observed within 500–600 nm reveal two processes following photodissociation: electronic relaxation up to 400 ps after dissociation and a partial religation during 3 ns. The kinetics of oxygen geminate recombination at pH 7 and 22°C has a monoexponential decay with a lifetime of 1.5 ns ± 0.1 ns.