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Laser Chemistry
Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 37-43

Sputtering of Neutral Molecules and Molecular Ions From the Adenine Crystal Surface Induced by the UV Picosecond Laser Pulse

Institute of Spectroscopy, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow Region, Troitsk SU-142092, Russia

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This paper presents the results of observation of sputtering of neutral molecules and ions from the crystal adenine surface induced by fourth-harmonic Nd:YAG laser radiation with a pulse duration of 30 ps. The energy fluence of laser pulses was in the region (1–3) × 10−4 J/cm2. The kinetic energy distribution of the sputtered molecules spreads up to 0.7 eV. The experiment shows that the threshold of adenine molecular ion sputtering is connected with absorbed energy density in upper layers of the crystal surface but not by laser radiation intensity.