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Laser Chemistry
Volume 3, Issue 1-6, Pages 307-310

The Tunable, Narrow-Bandwidth Excimer Laser, the New Workhorse for Photochemistry in the UV and VUV

Lambda Physik Gmbh, Hans-Böckler-Straße 12, Göttingen 3400, Germany

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Excimer lasers are powerful sources of radiation in the UV, providing several laser lines between 157 and 353 nm. The excimer laser transition is bound-free, and thus the emitted wavelengths are broad-band (up to 200 cm−1). In addition the high gain (0.15 cm−1) of the laser gas causes a rather large divergence (>1 mrad) in conventional excimer lasers.

A new excimer laser concept is described which improves the spectral brightness in terms of watt/(rad × bandwidth) by three orders of magnitude. This allows, through non-linear processes such as Raman shifting the fundamental output and four-wave-mixing in gases, the generation of new laser lines in the UV and VUV.