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Laser Chemistry
Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 11-17

Direct Determination of Aluminium Concentration in Human Blood Through Laser Photoionization Spectroscopy

Institute of Spectroscopy, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow Region, Troitsk 142092, Russia

Received 14 September 1982

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The results of aluminium content measurements in human blood by the method of laser stepwise photoionization of atoms in combination with vacuum thermal atomization of organic substance are presented. The analytical procedure was as follows. Dry blood residium obtained after drying of 40 μl natural blood was stepwise heated in vacuum to 1800℃. The aluminium atoms produced in an atomic-molecular beam were excited to a Rydberg state in two steps by laser radiation and then efficiently ionized by electric field pulse. The resulting ions were detected with an electron multiplier. The calibration curve obtained for aqueous solutions of AlCl3 was used for quantitative determination of aluminium content. The measured value of aluminium concentration in human blood came to (230 ± 50) ng/ml.