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Laser Chemistry
Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 61-78

High Resolution Spectroscopy of CF3Br by Diode Laser in the Frequency Range 1070–1090 cm−1

1Fysisch Laboratorium, Katholieke Universiteit, Toernooiveld, Nijmegen 6525 ED, The Netherlands
2Laboratorio di Spettroscopia Moleculare, ENEA Centro di Frascati, CP 65, Frascati 1-00044, Italy

Received 21 May 1987; Accepted 4 October 1987

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The IR absorption spectra of gaseous CF3Br expanded in a molecular jet have been recorded with a linewidth of about 0.002 cm−1. The rotational K-structure of the ν1 fundamental has been resolved and the molecular constants ΔB and ΔA have been determined with an accuracy better than 5 x 10−6 cm−1. Spectral features belonging to the ν6- and ν3-hotbands have been identified. For CF3B79r (CF3B81r) improved values of the vibrational origins for the fundamental ν1 = 1084.768(2) cm−1 (1084.520(2) cm−1) and for its hotbands ν3+ν1ν3 = 1081.709(80) cm−1 (1081.065(40) cm−1) and ν6+ν1ν6 = 1083.533(4) cm-1 (1083.288(4) cm-1) have been determined.