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Laser Chemistry
Volume 10, Issue 3, Pages 169-175

Electronic Spectra of 1-Phenylethylamine and its Derivatives in Supersonic Jets

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University, Sendai 980, Japan

Received 20 June 1989; Accepted 19 July 1989

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The S1S0 fluorescence excitation spectra and dispersed fluorescence spectra of jet-cooled (+)-, (-)- and (±)-1-phenylethylamine and their derivatives (amides) have been observed. The 0-0 band of the amine locates at 37,641 cm-1. The amides which were synthesized from (+)-amine or (-)-amine with (+)-tartaric acid are diastereomers. It was found that the two diastereomers give the identical spectra with the 0-0 band at 34,757 cm-1. No difference in the spectrum indicates that the excitation is localized in the phenyl group which is far from the asymmetric carbon causing diastereoism. It was also found that 1-phenylethylamine has a fast nonradiative relaxation process in the Sstate, but such a process is removed by the formation of the amide.