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Laser Chemistry
Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 63-69

Excimer Pumped Dye Mixtures for the Wavelength Region 340–380 nm

Chemistry Department, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati 45221-0172, Ohio, USA

Received 15 November 1990; Accepted 29 January 1991

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Two binary mixtures of ultraviolet laser dyes in p-dioxane solution are described. The tuning curve of each mixture spans more than 30 nm of useful tuning range in the 340–380 nm wavelength region. Both mixtures are robust with half-lives comparable to, or in excess of, associated single dye values. These mixtures degrade symmetrically with dye laser operation, making them useful throughout the entire life of the mixture. A simple model for the mixture lasing, based on independent fluorescences of the component dyes, is able to semi-quantitatively match the tuning curves of the dye mixtures. The results presented should be easily extendable to other dye mixtures.