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Laser Chemistry
Volume 12, Issue 3-4, Pages 173-180

Selective Dissociation of C4F9 COI Molecules by the Second-Harmonic Radiation of Pulsed TEA CO2 Laser

Institute of Spectroscopy, USSR Acad. Sci., Moscow Region, Troitzk 142092, Russia

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IR multiphoton dissociation of C4F9 COI was studied by the second-harmonic radiation of TEA CO2 laser. The stretching vibration of the carbonyl bond νC = O was excited. The second harmonic of CO2 laser was generated with the use of nonlinear crystal AgGaSe2. The maximum energy fluence at focus was Φ ≃ 1.2 J/cm2. The MPD of C4F9 COI was proved to be effective and selective with respect to oxygen and carbon isotopes. The main dissociation products were C4F9I and CO. The dissociation product, CO, was enriched with both 16O and 12C when the C4F9 COI molecule was excited at the center of the band νC = O by the laser line 10P (18) with 2ωlas = 1797.2 cm−1. The maximum selectivities measured for oxygen and carbon were α(16/18) = 20 and α(12/13) = 25 respectively.