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Laser Chemistry
Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 129-142

Two-Photon Resonant Third Harmonic Generation IN Hg

1Foundation for Research and Technology—Hellas, Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, (FORTH, IESL), Crete 71409, Greece
2Physics Department, University of Crete Iraklion, Crete 71409, Greece

Received 8 June 1992

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Third-harmonic generation in Hg vapors, using the two-photon resonance 61S0–81S0 transition is theoretically and experimentally investigated. Calculations of the Hg contribution to the phase mismatch are presented and the effects of the absorption of the radiation, the population transfer, the saturation, and the ionization on the efficiency of the system are considered. It is shown that the population transfer is the dominant mechanism affecting the efficiency.