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Laser Chemistry
Volume 18, Issue 1-2, Pages 1-11

High Resolution Spectroscopy With Molecular Beams and Tunable Lasers

Laboratoire Aimé Cotton, C. N. R. S. II, Bât.505, Orsay Cedex 91405, France

Received 14 December 1997

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High resolution Doppler-free laser techniques are used in beam experiments to improve the spectroscopic description of complex diatomic molecules. The case of TiO is considered here for its implication in reaction dynamics studies and its interest in Astrophysics. Two absorption bands in the visible have been analyzed: B3ΠX3Δ(10) and c1Φa1Δ(00). Owing to accurate wavenumber measurements, it has been possible to extend the analysis to high rotational quantum numbers and to carry out detailed spectroscopic calculations. They show that a careful revisiting of the TiO electronic structure is necessary.