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Laser Chemistry
Volume 17, Issue 4, Pages 205-218

Single Pulse Carbon-13 Enrichment of CF3 Under IR MPD in A Short Gas Dynamic Flow

Institute of Spectroscopy Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitzk, Moscow Region 142092, Russia

Received 24 February 1998

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An experimental approach is described for obtaining highly enriched residual gas under IR multiphoton dissociation (MPD) of molecules in one cycle of irradiation. The approach is based on utilization of a pulsed molecular flow of small length (Δxfl1cm). The use of a short flow length leads to high values of the dissociation yield of molecules (β1) in the whole volume of the flow. Owing to this, high enrichment of the residual gas is achieved in one cycle of irradiation. The isotopically-selective dissociation of CF3I+ in the pulsed gasdynamic flow of a small length was studied. About 400-fold enrichment of the 13C isotope in the residual gas was obtained following irradiation of a molecular flow of CF3I of natural isotope composition by a single laser pulse. The selectivity of dissociation was measured to be α10