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Laser Chemistry
Volume 19, Issue 1-4, Pages 317-320

Transient Absorption Spectra of Vibrationally Excited Water Molecule on Zeolite Surface

1Research Laboratory of Resources Utilization, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 4259 Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Yokohama 226, Japan
2College of Engineering, Hosei University, Koganei 184, Tokyo, Japan

Received 7 April 1997

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By means of infrared pump-probe technique, spectroscopic feature of vibrationally excited water molecule (D2O) on mordenite zeolite (OD) has been investigated. Populational lifetime of the OD stretching band (ν3:2730cm-1) was determined to be 43±5 ps at 123 K by the time evolution of hot band. The transient bleachings and absorptions appeared when the D2O molecule was promoted to the vibrationally excited level of the OD stretching modes. Especially, the transient absorption at 2680 cm-1 has rapid decay time (≈15 ps) and it was assigned as the overtone between ν3 mode and vibrationally excited ν1 mode (2620 cm-1).