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Laser Chemistry
Volume 19, Issue 1-4, Pages 97-100

PS-TR3 Spectroscopy of S1Cis-Stilbene in Solution

1Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire OXll 0QX, United Kingdom
2Department of Chemistry, Imperial College, London SW7 2A Y, United Kingdom
3Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University, Oxford OX1 3PU, United Kingdom

Received 11 May 1997

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Picosecond time-resolved resonance Raman (TR3) spectrum with ∼1 ps lifetime has been observed when probing under intense transient S1cis-stilbene absorption band at 630 nm and photoexciting at 267 nm. The spectrum, ascribed to S1cis-stilbene, is notable for high intensity of low-frequency bands (243, 475 and 742 cm-1).