Table 1: Typical parameters for PLD growth of thin film-like structures (at low partial gas pressure) and of nanowires (at high pressure). The offset is the distance from projected center of the target to center of the substrate, to ensure the homogenous large-area deposition with continuous substrate rotation.

ParameterLow-pressure “film” PLDHigh-pressure “nanowire” PLD

Grown materialsHighly flexible for oxides, for example,
YBCO, BaTiO3, ZnO, ZnFe2O4,…
ZnO, ZnMgO
Used substratesSingle-crystalline oxides, for example,
Al2O3 ZnO, SrTiO3…, or SiO2 glass
Sapphire Al2O3 with gold
colloides for nucleation.
DopantsHighly flexible to the host oxideP, Li, Al, Mn, Co
Background gasO2, N2, N2OAr
Background pressure10-5 to 3 mbar50 to 200 mbar
Gas flow rateN/A50 sccm @ 100 mbar
Growth temperature20 to 770 C 420–940 C
Laser fluence1 to 5 J/cm22 J/cm2
Target-substr.distance100 mm5 to 40 mm
Offset distance0 to 35 mmN/A