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Research Article

Alterations in Gene Expression of Components of the Renin-Angiotensin System and Its Related Enzymes in Lung Cancer

Table 1

Proteins of the classical renin-angiotensin system (RAS) and proteins with RAS-related functions.

NameGene nameE.C. numberFunction for RAS

AngiotensinogenAGTPrecursor of Ang peptides
ReninREN3.4.23.15Angiotensinogen to Ang I
Angiotensin-converting enzymeACE3.4.15.1Ang I to Ang II
Prorenin receptorATP6AP2Activates prorenin, receptor for renin and prorenin
ChymaseCMA13.4.21.29Ang I to Ang II
NeprilysinMME3.4.24.11Ang I to Ang 1–7, Ang II to Ang 1–4 and 5–8
ProlylendopeptidasePREP3.4.21.26Ang I to Ang 1–7, Ang II to Ang 1–7
Aminopeptidase AENPEP3.4.11.7Ang II to Ang III
Aminopeptidase NANPEP3.4.11.2Ang III to Ang IV
Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2ACE2Ang 1 to Ang 1–9, Ang II to Ang 1–7
ProlylcarboxypeptidasePRCP3.4.16.2Ang II to Ang 1–7
AT1 Ang II receptor subtypeAGTR1Ang II receptor subtype vasoconstriction, thirst
AT2 Ang II receptor subtypeAGTR2Ang II receptor subtype generally opposes AT1 effects
MASMAS1Ang 1–7 receptor
Insulin-regulated aminopeptidase3.4.11.3Ang IV receptor (AT4)