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Metal-Based Drugs
Volume 1, Issue 2-3, Pages 279-287

2D NMR Methods for Structural Delineation of Copper(II) Complexes of Penicillin and Pilocarpine

Department of Chemistry, University of Siena, Pian dei Mantellini 44, Siena I-53100, Italy

Received 30 November 1993

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A method was developed for delineating the structure of paramagnetic metal complexes. The selective disappearance of cross-peaks in proton-carbon shift correlated 2D NMR maps was shown to uniquely depend upon the scalar and/or dipolar interaction between ligand nuclei and the unpaired electron(s), thus providing a means of identifying binding sites. Copper(II) was shown to form metal complexes with both Penicillin (PNC) and Pilocarpine (PLC) and the structure of the two 1:2 complexes in water solution at physiological pH were determined.