The amine-carboxyboranes anti-inflammatory agents were shown to block TNFα release at 90 min. and IL-1 release at 5 hr. from macrophages. The agenst competed with L929 fibroblasts high affinity receptors for endogenous cytokines which regulate the inflammation process. Blocking the TNFα receptor at 90 min. by the agents from 10 to 50 μΜ , resulted in lysosomal hydrolytic enzyme inhibition and lowering of prostaglandin synthesis as well as reductions in calcitonin high affinity receptor binding and calcium influx into the cells. IL-1 receptors when blocked by the agents at 5 hr. resulted in a reduction of NAG activity and leukotriene synthesis. An elevation of proline incorporation into collagen occurred at 90 min. and 24 hr. in the presence of the agents.