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Metal-Based Drugs
Volume 6, Issue 6, Pages 337-344

The Hypolipidemic and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Boronated Aromatic Amino Acids in CF1 Male Mice

1Division of Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 27559-7360, North Carolina, USA
2Boron Biologicals, Inc., Raleigh 27606, North Carolina, USA

Received 29 June 1999; Accepted 24 August 1999

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The boronated aromatic amino acids were shown to be potent hypolipidemic agents in mice lowering both serum cholesterol and triglycerides after 16 days. Selective compounds were as effective as the clinical standards. Furthermore, the compounds were effective anti-inflammatory agents reducing local and central pain as well as suppressing LPS induced endotoxic shock in mice. These agents inhibited lysosomal and proteolytic enzymes of the liver and macrophages as a part of their mechanism of action.