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Metal-Based Drugs
Volume 9, Issue 1-2, Pages 97-107

Synthetic, Biochemical, Antifertility and Antiinflammatory Aspects of Manganese and Iron Complexes

1Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur 302004, India
2Hindu College, Sonipat 131001, India
3Institute of Engineering and Technology, M.I.A., Alwar, India
4Department of Zoology, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur 302 004, India

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Manganese(II) and iron(II) macrocyclic complexes of polyamide groups have been synthesized by the template codensation of diamines (2,6 diaminopyridine, 1,2 phenylenediamine and 1,3 phenylenediame) and triamine (diethylenetriamine) with phthalic acid in 1:2:2 molar ratios. On the basis of elemental analysis, IR, electronic, magnetic moment, Mössbauer, mass and X-ray spectral studies, octahedral structure has been assigned to [M(N4macn)Cl2] (M = Mn(II) and Fe(II), n = 1 to 4) complexes. The complexes have been screened in vitro against a number of fungi and bacteria to assess their growth inhibiting potential. An attempt has been made to correlate the structural aspects of the compounds with their antiinflammatory and antifertility activities.