Figure 3: CCR7 presence in the lamina propria of inflamed tissues of CD patients (c’) compared to the healthy donor (c) by confocal microscopy. (a) Hematoxylin/eosin coloration of healthy intestine showing the localization of the different magnifications. (b and b’) Magnification of the Lieberkuhn’s glands to show localization of the chorion: (b) non-inflamed tissue, (b’) inflamed part. (c and c’) CCR7 is detected in the inflamed CD tissues by confocal microscopy revealed by an Alexa 647 labeled secondary antibody: (c) non-inflamed lamina propria, (c’) inflamed lamina propria. CCR7 staining (B and B’), nucleus staining with DAPI (A and A’), green autofluorescence (C and C’) and corresponding merged images (D and D’).