Figure 3: Tumour cell-induced PMN transmigration through human microvascular endothelium. DiI-labeled PMN were added to 3  m pore size cell culture inserts previously coated with HMVEC cultured at confluence. Inserts were placed upon culture wells containing confluent human dermal fibroblast (fibroblasts), HT-29 (HT-29), FaDu (FaDu) and HMVEC previously treated with 10 U/mL of human recombinant IL-1 for 5 hours (HMVEC IL-1B). See Methods. After 3 hours at C, PMN in the lower side of the system were evaluated as described in the Methods section. Bars represent the mean SEM of 7 independent experiments performed by sixtoplicate. Statistical significance was assessed using ANOVA test; , and when compared with fibroblasts group.