Research Article

Novel Biphasic Role of LipoxinA4 on Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Lung Fibroblasts

Figure 1

Purification and identification of primary lung fibroblasts. (a) Untreated fibroblasts isolated from rat lungs were stained with hematoxylin and eosin for conventional morphological evaluation under light microscope (Nikon eclipse 90i, Tokyo, Japan). Primary cultures (A1), still contained some non-fibroblasts cells. At passage 3 (A2), fibroblast purity was consistently over 99% as established morphologically by their typical spindle shape and characteristics. (b) Cultures were stained by indirect-immunofluorescence assay for Vimentin, CD31, cytokeratin-8, or F4/80. Cultures contained only Vimentin positive cells indicative of fibroblasts.