Research Article

A Comparative In Vitro Study of the Effects of Separate and Combined Products of Citrus e fructibus and Cydonia e fructibus on Immunological Parameters of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

Table 1

Baseline characteristics seasonal allergic rhinitis (SAR) group and healthy group.

VariableSAR group ( )Healthy group ( ) value

Sex: number (percentage)Male3 (60%)3 (60%)n.s.
Female2 (40%)2 (40%)
Ethnicity: number (percentage)Caucasian5 (100%)5 (100%)n.s.
Asian0 (0%)0 (0%)
Age (year) (sd)35.2 (10.5)43.4 (10.9)n.s.
Height (cm) (sd)179 (10)177 (10)n.s.
Weight (kg) (sd)75 (12.6)74 (9.2)n.s.
Blood pressure at screening (systolic/diastolic) (mmHg) (sd)113 (13.2)/71 (7.5)117 (12)/78 (5.7)n.s.
Heart rate at screening (beats per minute)65 (3.8)65 (8.7)n.s.
RAST grass pollen3.6 (1.5)0
RAST birch pollen3.6 (0.9)0

n.s. = not significant.