Table 2: Group analysis of genes that increase their expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes by alliin pretreatment and after LPS stimuli.

With known function (12 genes 43%)Precise function unknown (16 genes—57%)

Immune response (10 genes—36%)Immunoglobulin relatedM27752, X53400, AJ400981, X86534, X80972, X66457
T-cell receptor relatedAF041900, AF158133, Z12217, Z86011

Enzymes (8 genes—29%)Fam213b/C1orf93, Tdh, Acaa1a, Pik3cd, Phka1, CbsCyp2g1, lactate dehydrogenase A-4 pseudogene,

Others (8 genes—29%)B-cell ChemotaxisCxcl13
TLR-4 relatedCnpy4
Slirp, Tnnt1, Hint2, Nub1Zfp92, Gm10762

Unclassified (2 genes—7%)AF357337, AK018247