Research Article

Hyperoxia Exacerbates Postnatal Inflammation-Induced Lung Injury in Neonatal BRP-39 Null Mutant Mice Promoting the M1 Macrophage Phenotype

Figure 2

Hyperoxia inhibits the M2 phenotype in macrophages. Arg1 and Fizz1 mRNA were measured by real-time PCR in the RAW macrophages after stimulation with interleukin-4 (IL-4; 10 ng/mL) for 16 h in room air (RA) or 95% hyperoxia (HYP)((a) and (b)). Western blot showing IL-4 mediated protein induction of Arg1 in RA and HYP groups (c). KLF4 mRNA expression level was assessed by qPCR in macrophages stimulated with IL-4 in RA and HYP (d). Results expressed as the mean ± SEM of data obtained from three independent experiments. C: control (RA). , .