Research Article

Ecotin-Like ISP of L. major Promastigotes Fine-Tunes Macrophage Phagocytosis by Limiting the Pericellular Release of Bradykinin from Surface-Bound Kininogens: A Survival Strategy Based on the Silencing of Proinflammatory G-Protein Coupled Kinin B2 and B1 Receptors

Figure 3

Evidence of differential display of kininogens and BK epitopes on surface of WT L. major versus promastigotes. WT and promastigotes were washed 3x before incubation with mAbs against D1 or D4 (BK epitope) of kininogens, HK/LK (HKH4 (a) or MBK3 (b), resp.) for 1 h. Unrelated Ab ( for HKH4 or IgG1 for MBK3 staining) were used as specificity controls. Binding of primary IgG was assessed by incubating the cells with a secondary FITC-labeled anti-mouse IgG antibody for 1 h. The graphs represent the percentage of HK/LK adsorption and are representative of two independent experiments performed in duplicates.