Research Article

Induction of IL-12 Production in Human Peripheral Monocytes by Trypanosoma cruzi Is Mediated by Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-Anchored Mucin-Like Glycoproteins and Potentiated by IFN-γ and CD40-CD40L Interactions

Figure 4

Potentiation of IL-12 production induced by (a) live T. cruzi trypomastigotes or (b) tGPI-mucins is dependent on IFN-γ and CD40. Irradiated PBMC were incubated with T cell lines, PHA (5 ug/mL), and different blocking antibodies (anti-IFN-γ, anti-CD40, anti-CD28, and anti-IFN/CD40/CD28). Results come from 4 distinct experiments. Groups were compared by a nonparametrical test (Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test) with GraphPad InStat software (version 5.0; GraphPad). Results were expressed as medians and interquartile ranges. values were considered significant if <0.05. Significance bars are shown in comparison with trypo + PHA or tGPI-mucin + PHA.