Research Article

Protective Effect of Laminaria japonica with Probiotics on Murine Colitis

Figure 2

Effects of LJE or DUO on colon length in DSS-induced colitis. (a) The representative colon photos at 7 days on DSS-induced colitis, (b) a graph showing the data of colon length. Data are expressed as mean S.E.M ( ). Nor: normal mice without any treatment, Con: mice provided with only 5% DSS treatment, LJE: the water extract of Laminaria japonica, DUO: Duolac7S, LJE + DUO: cotreatment of LJE and DUO, 100: the dosage of LJE 100 mg/kg, and 300: the dosage of LJE 300 mg/kg; , versus control group analyzed by one-way ANOVA with Dunnett’s post hoc test.