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Cholesterol Oxidase Binds TLR2 and Modulates Functional Responses of Human Macrophages

Figure 6

Effect of ChoD on ROS production by THP-1-derived macrophages stimulated with PMA. (a) Macrophages were incubated with ChoD (0.01–1 U/mL) for 24 h; untreated cells were used as controls. ROS production was initiated by exposure to PMA and determined by L-CL assay as described in Section 2. Data are means ± SEM of seven separate experiments ( , , macrophages + ChoD (0.5 U/mL) + PMA versus macrophages + PMA. The RLU values were for control cells (no PMA, no ChoD) and , , , and for cells treated with ChoD only at concentrations of 0.01, 0.1, 0.5 and 1 U/mL, respectively. (b) Influence of IRAK1/4 inhibitor on the noninactivated and heat-inactivated ChoD effects on ROS production (fold change). Data are means ± SEM of four separate experiments ( for IRAK1/4 inhibitor versus control, heat-inactivated ChoD versus noninactivated ChoD, Student -test).