Research Article

Tumor Necrosis Factor Induces Developmental Stage-Dependent Structural Changes in the Immature Small Intestine

Figure 7

Acute TNF exposure induces loss of Paneth cells in a TNFR1-dependent manner. (a) Mice were treated with acute (injected 8 hours before collection) TNF exposure and granulated Paneth cells per crypt (100 crypts per animal) were counted histologically ( mice per condition; brackets, ). (b) Mice were treated with brief (B-TNF; single injection with 1-week recovery) or chronic (C-TNF; weekly injections) exposure as above and granulated Paneth cells per crypt were counted; no significant changes were observed. (c) Representative tissue sections are shown. (d) To determine if acute TNF-induced Paneth cell loss was TNFR-dependent, mice lacking one or both TNFR were treated with acute exposure to TNF (, asterisk indicates in R2āˆ’/āˆ’ mice).